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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 

Q: Are cupcakes included in my package?

A: Vanilla cupcakes with pink icing are included in each package! 

Q: Is the birthday girl included in the headcount? 

A: Yes, the packages include the birthday girl. If you go over the number, it is $40 extra per girl. 

Q: How many adults are allowed inside the Spa? 

A: Four adults are allowed to come inside the spa and sit upstairs while the pampering services are done. We have a tv screen in the hallway area for the rest of the parents to tune into the fun. At the end, everyone can come in to sing happy birthday. 

Q: Is outside food and drinks allowed? 

A: Yes, bring whatever you would like! We supply drinks, pretzels, and cupcakes. 

Q: When is the rest of my payment due for my birthday? 

A: The remaining balances are due a week prior to your party. Our system automatically cancels any party that does not meet the payment date. 

Q: Are there add-on options? 

A: Yes, they will be shared after you book. 

Q: Is there an age limit for services? 

A: If the princess can sit still to receive services, we will pamper them! 

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